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Build Your Business WordPress Website Hassle-Free

At HosterCity, we understand the pivotal role a stellar website plays in driving your business forward. Let us take the reins on crafting and managing your online presence while you concentrate on scaling your enterprise.

Services Included

Unlike traditional hosting companies, we offer more than just hosting services.

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Expert Design

Our team specializes in WordPress website development, ensuring your digital storefront aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

cutting-edge cloud hosting technology in Nigeria

Complimentary .COM Domain

Your website deserves an address that reflects its significance. Get a free .COM domain that resonates with your brand’s essence—no additional costs involved.

reliable hosting in Nigeria

Dedicated Support Partner

Say goodbye to navigating technical intricacies alone. Our dedicated support partner will be there every step of the way, addressing queries and providing solutions promptly.

Comprehensive hosting solution

Free 1-Year Hosting

Relax knowing that your website is hosted securely with us for an entire year, free of charge. Enjoy reliable hosting services to keep your online platform up and running smoothly.

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Complimentary SSL

Security is non-negotiable. Protect your visitors’ data and boost their confidence with a free SSL certificate included in our package.

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Free Ongoing Management

Let us handle the tedious backend tasks and updates, leaving you free to focus entirely on nurturing your business.

Let's Build Your Website!

Ready to elevate your online presence effortlessly? Let’s empower your business growth with our WordPress website solutions.

Naira payment option available at checkout (₦45,000)

Frequently Asked Questions

HosterCity – Your Gateway to Hosting Excellence and Unmatched Business Support.

HosterCity goes beyond traditional hosting by offering personalized support tailored to your business needs. We provide ultra-fast, managed hosting services crafted by cloud experts, guaranteeing 100% uptime, along with comprehensive technical assistance that extends beyond just hosting.

HosterCity provides dedicated technical support covering various aspects of your digital presence. From setting up and managing your website to configuring domains, SSL, and addressing any technical queries, our team is here exclusively for you.

Beyond hosting, HosterCity acts as a dedicated partner, freeing businesses from the complexities of managing technical aspects. This enables them to focus on strategic growth initiatives, innovation, and expansion, while our team takes care of the digital intricacies.

HosterCity employs cutting-edge cloud technology crafted by experts, ensuring ultra-fast, reliable performance with 100% uptime, delivering a seamless hosting experience for businesses.

HosterCity’s support is proactive. Our team doesn’t wait for issues to arise; instead, they work diligently to optimize your digital infrastructure, anticipating and addressing potential issues before they impact your business.

HosterCity is committed to understanding each business’s unique requirements. Our support and hosting services are tailored to align perfectly with your specific goals, ensuring a personalized and effective partnership.

Choosing HosterCity means gaining more than just hosting – it means partnering with a team dedicated to your business’s digital success. With us, you can focus on driving your business forward while we handle the technical complexities, ensuring a hassle-free and growth-focused digital experience.

What our Customers are Saying

``I've been with a few hosting companies over the years and can easily say that the support from the folks at Hostercity is outstanding...``



``They are, without a doubt, a hidden gem of the Web Hosting industry. I don't exactly remember how I came across them, but I am forever grateful I found them!``

Sana Creatives


``As a Social Network, having a reliable web hosting partner is crucial to us and many hosting providers have failed us but the continuous business support we receive from HosterCity is unparalleled and they been a cornerstone in the success of our establishment``



``Let me say they are just unique and it is mind-blowing, they provided support way out of hosting related issues. I've worked with a lot of web hosts through the years and HosterCity's service and value beats them all hands down.``