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Acceptable Use Policy

We really want you to have a trouble-free time with our hosting services, so there are some simple, fair, but important restrictions on what you can and cannot do with your account. This ensures everyone has a great experience.

Our full Acceptable Use Policy/ Terms of Use can be found HERE. The plain speaking version can be found below.

Your account


The maximum number of emails which can be sent per-hour after this time is 500. All emails in excess of this will be discarded.

You will not be able to send more 10 emails per hour during the first 24-hours after your account is activated.

Absolute No-No

The following are expressly prohibited, and attract a zero-tolerance approach:

  • Any form of unsolicited, or spam email being sent through or advertising your account
  • Insecure or malicious code
  • Anything illegal or which infringes copyright or intellectual property of others
  • Porn and explicit images.
  • Any form of proxy service
  • IRC systems hosted on or relayed through your account
  • Anything related to cryptocurrencies / bitcoin / NFT.
  • We provide a backup service, so storage of backup archives in your account is not permitted
  • Anything related to gambling.
  • Anything related to DDOS or DDOS related services.
  • Offensive, hateful, defamatory or inflammatory, fraudulent or misleading content

Safety Limits

Your account has resource safety limits applied, and these will vary depending on the hosting package you subscribe to. These limits are in place to preserve a consistent and fair experience for all customers, they are not in place to restrict your account. The limits have been carefully set so they do not adversely affect a well-configured website.

Without Limits

Some resources or services may be shown as ‘unlimited’. This is because we believe you should not need to be concerned with how you genuinely utilise these things; we engineer our systems to ensure this is the case.

However, if we feel that your account is excessively utilising such resources in an unfair or abnormal way, we may ask you to change your usage or we may restrict your account. This is only ever actioned as a last resort.

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