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Free .com Domain

You receive a complimentary .com domain name of your choice for your business website.

Business Website

A fully functional and professional business website will be designed for you. This site will showcase your business and provide relevant information. Note that this does not include the design of an e-commerce website.

Free 1-Year Hosting

The package includes one year of high-performance cloud hosting to support your business website, ensuring reliable uptime and speed.

Free SSL Certificate

A free SSL certificate is provided, which helps secure your website by encrypting data transferred between your site and its visitors. This is crucial for maintaining trust and security.

Professional Email

A professional email address associated with your domain will be set up, enhancing your business’s professional image and communication.

Dedicated IT Support Partner

A dedicated IT support specialist will be assigned to you. This specialist will be available to assist with any technical issues, not just limited to your website but also other technical aspects of your business.

Free Website Management

Ongoing website management services are included, which means assistance with maintaining and updating your website as needed.

Free Logo Design

If you do not already have a business logo, HosterCity will design a new logo for you as part of this package.

Letter Head Design

If you need a letterhead design for your business communications, this will be created for you.

HosterCity Partner Program

You get enrolled into  HosterCity’s partnership program (HPP), providing additional benefits and opportunities associated with being a partner. Learn more about HPP

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